The Hustler

If Billy and Sidney can do it...

Limited to one student per school per team, first come - first served. The Career Lab will link you up with a team in your market and you'll join their sales staff - day 1. 

You'll start as a Junior Account Executive and will be paired with a senior member of the team's sales staff. You'll learn and receive guidance from the best in the business, all while having the ability to make money: earn commission on your sales from dollar one.

Get training, hands on experience, and earn money over the course of your semester. Your foot is in the door - sell your way to a full time position upon graduation.

If you're the type of person that likes to bet on yourself - this one is for you. Skip the internship and start your job today.  Click below to get more information and/or to get started.

The fee for enrolling in this program is $2,750 (payment can be made via Credit Card or PayPal). Complete the information below to get started today. 

Contact Us with any questions and/or to receive additional information. 


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